ServiceMaster TBS Janitorial Services in Philadelphia

ServiceMaster TBS is a local commercial cleaning and janitorial service company serving Philadelphia, Camden, Burlington, & Gloucester Counties.
commercial floor cleaning services

ServiceMaster Clean are the experts you need for your commercial floor cleaning needs. Our experience and research has led us to create proven methods to beautify and preserve a wide variety of commercial floors. Our floor cleaning specialities include preventative maintenence and restorative services for hard and soft surface commercial floors. 

Preventative Commercial Floor Cleaning

By maintaining your floor periodically, we can protect your investment and help you maintain your professional business appearance. We can create a customized maintenance plan to fit your commercial floor cleaning requirements and budget. 

  • Increase the life of your floor covering.
  • Keep your facility looking good 24/7/365.
  • Make a great first impression with your clients. 

Restorative Commercial Floor Cleaning

When determining what type of commercial floor cleaning services your business requires, a numbre of considerations are important to distinguish. 

  1. What type of commercial floor do you have?
  2. What asthetic are you looking to achieve with your floor? Shiny? Matte finish?
  3. What is your yearly/monthly budget for coimmercial floor cleaning services
  4. How long do you intend to keep your commercial floor before replacing?

Whether your floor is a wood floor, VCT or Hard-Surface Floor, Tile & Grout ServiceMaster TBS can create a customized floor cleaning program for your business. 


How much should it cost for a cleaning service?

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