A clean environment is critical to your medical facility and choosing the right healthcare cleaning company or hospital cleaning service can result in increased patient satisfaction and increased HCAHPS scores. Our professional healthcare cleaning staff is trained to make sure the job gets done right and to necessary standards for the industry.

Our professional healthcare cleaning services are available for any medical facility:

  • Medical offices
  • Ambulatory care facilities
  • Outpatient services
  • Acute care providers

Our healthcare cleaning services focus on what your facility needs most. 

ServiceMaster Clean is experienced in cleaning hard surfaces and high-traffic areas, which helps reduce the transmission of MRSA and other virulent infections. Using rigorous certification procedures, hospital grade disinfectants, professional cleaning processes, and innovative microfiber and HEPA technologies, we efficiently deliver a healthier environment to your facility than any of our competitors. ServiceMaster Clean incorporates the recommendations of your auditing bodies and those of the FDA, the CDC and OSHA into our processes and procedures so you will be compliant with all standards.

  • Infection control detailing universal precautions and blood-borne pathogens
  • Safety and security regulatory compliance (e.g. CDC, JHACO, HIPAA)
  • Special terminal cleaning procedures for operating rooms, exam rooms and nurses stations
  • Carpet and hard-surface floor cleaning for waiting rooms, hallways, and offices
  • Slip and fall solutions for tubs and floors
  • PTAC cleaning for clean, fresh air
  • Green cleaning and sustainability programs

Professional healthcare cleaning starts with a professional staff

High-quality healthcare cleaning services is reliant on the training and professionalism of the staff. We are careful to hire the best in the business and potential employees are thoroughly screened to be well-suited to a healthcare environment. Our extensive training equips them with the skills to handle the unique challenges and requirements of the medical industry, so their work will improve your facilities.

  • Training programs created in compliance with the CDC, the Joint Commission and HIPAA.
  • Safety and security regulatory compliance with a focus on blood-borne pathogens.
  • Quality assurance probram so you know you're getting the best service.
  • Specialized healthcare cleaning procedures for sensitive patient care areas to protect your patients’ privacy.
  • A focus on common problem areas as identified by healthcare professionals

A hospital-grade clean that you can count on

A clean medical office makes sure your patients are comfortable and confident about their care. We work around your operating hours to provide the services you need. We have experience in cleaning a wide variety of equipment – we know what to touch, and what not to touch. We can help you control the spread of infectious disease and minimize cross-contamination.

Our patent-pending Capture and Removal Cleaning system combines advanced equipment and microfiber technologies to trap dust and dirt and then remove it resulting in dramatically decreased airborne dust (as much as 55% less than conventional cleaning), bacteria and VOCs. The result is better indoor air quality that can mean a happier, healthier setting for both staff and patients.

Why ServiceMaster for your healthcare cleaning services?

We have 60 plus years of leadership and experience in cleaning of all types. Our staff is professionally trained to work in a medical environment and are armed with industry-leading processes, products and training. Trust the cleanliness of your medical facility to the experts, call ServiceMaster today for a consultation!

How much should it cost for a cleaning service?

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