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ServiceMaster TBS Division specializes in janitorial services, floor care, and disinfection for all commercial building types including health care, distribution, manufacturing, education and hospitality industries. 


Janitorial Services

Every day, more than 100,000 businesses like yours depend on ServiceMaster clean for janitorial services. Whether office cleaning, healthcare cleaning, educational cleaning, or otherwise we have a solution that fits your commercial cleaning needs. 

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Clean are the experts you need for your commercial floor cleaning needs. Our experience and research has led us to create proven methods to beautify and preserve a wide variety of commercial floors. 

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Specialty Cleaning Services

Our patented cleaning system called Capture and Removal Cleaning® ensures you get the best quality for the best price, using the most advanced processes in the industry. Our specialty cleaning solutions will give you the results you desire. 

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Trusted Where Clean Matters


PACT Program

We know that managing an in house cleaning time can be time consuming and frustrating. That is why we have developed a comprehensive list of service which gives us the ability to properly clean and maintain facilities of all sizes. We carefully select and train our employees so they are prepared to tackle any type of dirt, stain, or mess. These team members are available 24/7/365 and we are happy to serve your business during evening or weekend hours in order to prevent downtime or disruption for your staff. We believe in providing above and beyond service and conduct frequent spot checks in order to ensure your satisfaction. In order to create the best product available, our team has established a PACT program which includes:

  • PLAN: Regularly scheduled consistent inspections.
  • ACT: Perform a thorough inspection of the facility.
  • COMMUNICATE: Review inspection results with cleaning staff and communicate them with our client(s). Employees receive constructive and positive feedback.
  • TRACK:Client service reps record and track results to ensure we meet our client’s expectations and make necessary improvements or service recommendations.

Are you tired of your facility not getting the cleaning attention it deserves?



How Cleaning Companies Fail

Most companies have a one-size-fits-all approach, and that doesn't provide quality service, particularly in ever-changing times. 


Mom and Pops

They might seem like a great idea because they provide an inexpensive option. They provide a lot of attention in the beginning, but often fail to hit the mark as your business expands and they can’t scale to meet your needs.


Low-cost providers (LCPs) require minimal investment, and sometimes seems too good to be true. They are able to keep costs low because you are getting a fraction of the service for a fraction of the price. They need to cut corners to make ends meet.

Big Names

Big name companies have just that - big names. You’ve heard a lot about them but when it comes to providing quality service their attention eventually dwindles because their staff never stay.

Cycle of Disappointment

You call the supervisor to complain, but nothing every changes. Instead of crying about it, you just clean it yourself. 

The cycle of disappointment continues and you end up searching for another cleaning company...again.

You've suffered enough through the endless cycle of poor-performing cleaning companies who offer the same empty promises

Great Until
They Aren't

You're tired of mom & pops who start out strong but can't keep up with expectations and fail to provide the consistency you desperately need.

Cost Cutting Means
Cut Corners

You've hired a low cost provider only to realize that you get a fraction of the service for a fraction of the price and you just can't afford poor service.

Fees Paid to the Company
Not the Individual

You've recognized that the bulk of the fees to go supporting the machine, not the individual cleaner. 

What you need is a reliable cleaning solution that doesn’t disappoint.  A company who understands your needs and delivers every time.

The ServiceMaster TBS Difference

Our cleaning all-stars succeed at their job so that you can focus on yours.


At ServiceMaster TBS, our healthcare cleaning staff are trained to make sure the job gets done right. We train...and retrain to stay up-to-date on the healthcare cleaning standards.

lab_floor cleaning-min

Carpet, wood floors, hard surfaces need trained professionals to restore. Our floor care specialists have an an average of 600,000 SF of floor care under their belt.


COVID-19 and other viral pathogens have heightened the importance of being prepared for a pandemic. Our trained disinfecting and sanitizing experts suit up in appropriate PPE and follow CDC guidelines to leave your facility disinfection-certified.

What does a cleaning service cost?

Our free pricing guide will help you determine what a cleaning service should cost for your facility.

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