A clean school is a healthy school. Protect your students and staff with regular professional cleaning from ServiceMaster. Educational facilities are tasked with the paramount duty of imparting knowledge to our next generation. With the large amount of occupants, dirt and disease can spread quickly throughout these institutions. ServiceMaster TBS Division is dedicated to ensuring that your learning environment that is both clean and healthy.

Education Cleaning Services

From pre-school to pre-med, ServiceMaster TBS has your school cleaning solutions.
A classroom is an environment that is crowded and germy. It is where messes are made, and colds are shared. With the large number of occupants, dirt and disease can spread quickly throughout the classrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. A commercial cleaning service of the highest quality is essential to keep these areas clean and healthy for students and staff. ServiceMaster TBS will provide your learning institution with only the best school cleaning services available. 

Dirty, sticky and smelly environments can be distracting to students, lead to widespread illness, and impact absenteeism in students and faculty.  For a private school or university, the cleanliness of a facility can have a large impact on if they decide to send their children to your school. Clean halls and rooms show professionalism and potential, which gives parents peace of mind that their children are in good hands. After all, if you don’t know how to properly clean a school bathroom, how will you educate students?

Complete cleaning means complete satisfaction.
We will provide your students, staff, and visitors with a comfortable, sanitized learning environment that is free of harsh chemicals. The simple switch to green cleaning can help improve indoor air quality and reduce chemical fumes and residues – two measures that help reduce both student and staff absenteeism, improve student performance, and according to the EPA, help reduce sick school syndrome (upper respiratory illnesses, chronic headaches, stomach aches and exacerbation of asthma). To guarantee your complete satisfaction, our management team frequently provides spot checks of facilities and our large staff is always available for any necessary follow-up cleaning.

ServiceMaster TBS can provide cleaning services for private, parochial and charter schools, as well as public school systems. Our staff undergoes thorough background checks in order to provide safe and trustworthy service in these secure facilities. To best accommodate the unique needs of educational facilities, including athletic programs and special events, this staff is available during evening and weekend hours. We provide traditional janitorial services as well as specialty cleaning including:

  • Carpet & Floor Care

  • Post-construction Cleanup

  • Special Event Cleaning

  • Snow Removal

  • Landscaping

  • Building and Sidewalk Pressure Washing

  • Window Cleaning

  • Pandemic Preparedness Services

Experience means excellence.
Give parents, students, and staff peace of mind that their environment is safe and sanitized by the professional cleaning experts at ServiceMaster TBS. We have decades of experience in working with local schools to provide thorough and professional cleaning. 

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