What healthcare cleaning certification level does your facility require?

As a Healthcare Environmental Services Provider, cleaners operating in your healthcare facility must be trained and certified. Professional cleaners perform their services in a wide variety of commercial facilities. Commercial cleaning is one thing, but healthcare cleaning is something entirely different.

Professional cleaners should be cautious and aware of government regulations and guidelines. Therefore, they need proper certifications to adequately perform their duties. Here, we will explain in detail the different healthcare certification levels so you can determine the right certification level your healthcare facility will be required to adhere to.

Healthcare Cleaning Certification Level 1

The certification level required for medical professional buildings, medical educational buildings, mental health clinics, and medical offices is cleaning certification level 1. Generally, when doing any work that requires level 1 certification, staff would not be under any high risk or high exposure.

For any work that requires a level 1 certification, you can expect the following:

  • No known infectious waste handling
  • No bodily fluid handling
  • No known “sharps” handling
  • Minimal Government guidelines/regulations

For level 1 certification level cleaning, you can expect standard janitorial services such as:

Healthcare Cleaning Certification Level 2

Certification for level 2 is a bit more stringent. Facilities which fall into these categories include dialysis clinics, laser-eye clinics, surgery clinics, and inpatient/outpatient surgery centers. Our cleaning staff must be aware of government guidelines and regulations and must adhere to safety procedures. However, there aren’t many major risks. 

  • No known infectious waste handling
  • No bodily fluid handling
  • No known “sharps” handling
  • Specific Government guidelines/regulations
Healthcare Cleaning Certification Level 3

Cleaning staff providing services for urgent care centers, medical centers, pediatric clinics, hospital emergency departments, and other related healthcare facilities must meet certification level 3. In these types of facilities, the exposure level is more severe, and cleaners must be knowledgeable about high-level government guidelines and regulations.

  • Rare infectious waste handling
  • Unplanned bodily fluid disinfection
  • Little “sharps” handling
  • Some Government guidelines/regulations
Healthcare Cleaning Certification Level 4

Level 4 is the highest level of certification in the healthcare cleaning industry. While some may think that this level is essentially a hospital cleaning certification, it includes other facilities as well. Facilities include full-service hospitals, nursing homes (including assisted living, extended care, long-term care facilities), and inpatient mental health centers. Cleaners who service these high-exposure facilities must follow strict government guidelines and regulations and should be extensively trained to properly clean while maintaining a safe environment for themselves and those around them.

Professional cleaners who are certified under level 4 are trained in the following:

  • Infectious waste handling
  • Bodily fluid disinfection
  • All “red bag” waste responsibilities
  • Full Government guidelines/regulations
  • Patient, visitor, clinician contact

In addition to the above duties, many level 4 cleaners are also certified surgical cleaning technicians (CSCT). Surgical cleaning technicians play a critical role in creating and maintaining a healthy environment and fighting infectious diseases. They ensure that the operating room is properly cleaned, disinfected, and safe for both patients and staff. Our staff at ServiceMaster TBS also understands the importance of cleaning high-touch areas to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. The Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician Program (CSCT Program) is offered by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE). The certification program trains and certifies surgical cleaning technicians to ensure that they are knowledgeable, highly skilled, and prepared to clean infection-sensitive environments in health care  facilities.

We Are Healthcare Cleaning Experts

ServiceMaster TBS is a certified healthcare cleaning service (HESP) serving businesses in New Jersey and Delaware. As a professional cleaning business, we have the knowledge and experience to clean your healthcare facility effectively. Our team goes through extensive training and has experience working with various medical facilities. We would love to talk to your team about your janitorial needs. For more information on our healthcare cleaning programs or healthcare cleaning certifications, contact us today for a free quote.


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