As a trusted leader in the cleaning industry, ServiceMaster TBS Division is dedicated to providing clean and healthy environments. Our goal is to reduce the threat of outbreak through proper cleaning and facility care combined with education of occupant hygiene procedures. We strive to use these services to greatly alleviate threats in your facility.


In an office environment, tenants spend 40 hours every week inside and expect the space to be sanitized. When sick employees come to work, each sneeze, cough, or sniffle can spread disease. These diseases can quickly affect other employees and has the possibility to reach the level of a pandemic. Our cleaning services aim to prevent the spread of the disease, but once it has spread we are trained in how to completely sanitize the affected environment.

ServiceMaster TBS Division Pandemic Preparedness Programs help to prevent:

  • Flu
  • C-diff
  • MRSA
  • Pneumonia
  • E-coli

There are simple steps every employee and tenant can take to prevent illness. These include proper handwashing techniques, cleaning methods, and procedures during illness. Our team will educate yours on these methods in order to create a cleaner environment. Once an outbreak has occurred, it is sometimes necessary to send all employees home before embarking on a deep clean service. We will then perform a thorough cleaning, making sure to not only cover common areas but also personal spaces such as desks and private offices. We use products that are designed to kill any bacteria without causing any irritation or harm to those who come in contact with it. Because we strive to provide unparalleled customer service, ServiceMaster TBS Division focuses on routine cleaning, as well as extra precautions around high-touch surfaces.

Whether it is detailed daily cleaning or a one-time cleaning if an outbreak occurs in your facility, ServiceMaster TBS Division is ready to serve. We will work hard to sanitize your space after the spread of any illness and provide education on how employees can work to keep themselves safe. Whether your office is experiencing an outbreak or if you realize you need help taking steps to avoid one from happening, give us a call today to get started.

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