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When your facility needs special cleaning attention, you need to choose a special service provider. Hiring a pro can make all the difference. ServiceMaster TBS Division has served the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas for more than 30 years. Over the years, our team has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge pertaining to the unique requirements of a variety of project and customer types. Every day, we use that knowledge to provide a solution that is meticulously planned and executed.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Construction projects bring in a lot of traffic to your building. Unfortunately, this will often leave tracks of residue behind. Our team is educated about the proper vacuuming, light cleaning, floor refinishing, wall cleaning techniques. These services are necessary to ensure occupants will recognize the benefits of construction rather than the mess it can leave behind.


Carpet and Floor

Flooring and carpet are one of the first things people notice when they step foot into a space and their appearance can have a serious effect on the perception of your home or business. As floor care professionals, we provide comprehensive services to remove stains in order while preventing any spreading signs of wear and tear.

Hard-surface floors require a large investment and have a significant impact on the appeal of your interior. Our team aims to protect these surfaces to ensure that the appearance is always clean. Our floor cleaning services provide a slip-resistant surface in order that prevents tenant and employee injury.  

Building and Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Not only can mold, algae, and moss have a negative effect on the appearance of your building’s exterior or sidewalks, but they can also create a number of hazards like slippery and potentially dangerous surfaces. We provide pressure washing that will eliminate these materials and ensure your safe and beautiful environment.

Window Cleaning

To further improve your building exterior appearance, it’s important to have your windows cleaned frequently. The frequency of this service should depend on your business’ location, weather, and climate. Our window washing services are surefire ways to improve first impressions for employees and guests.

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