Are you tired of your facility not getting the cleaning attention it deserves?

Learn why cleaning companies fail and what to do about it. 

Poor Performance

Boss and co-workers giving you a hard time about dirt and grime 

Lack of Dependability

Managing the cleaners is a chore and then there's your real job

Expectation Mismatch

Simple tasks aren't getting done and they don't take responsibility for it.

The Cycle of Disappointment



You call the supervisor to complain, but nothing every changes. Instead of crying about it, you just clean it yourself. 

The cycle of disappointment continues and you end up searching for another cleaning company... 


What you need is a reliable cleaning solution that doesn’t disappoint.  A company who understands your needs and delivers every time.

How Cleaning Companies Fail

Most companies have a one-size-fits-all approach, and that doesn't provide quality service, particularly in ever-changing times. 


Mom and Pops

They might seem like a great idea because they provide an inexpensive option. They provide a lot of attention in the beginning, but often fail to hit the mark as your business expands and they can’t scale to meet your needs.


Low-cost providers (LCPs) require minimal investment, and sometimes seems too good to be true. They are able to keep costs low because you are getting a fraction of the service for a fraction of the price. They need to cut corners to make ends meet.

Big Names

Big name companies have just that - big names. You’ve heard a lot about them but when it comes to providing quality service their attention eventually dwindles because their staff never stay.

Get Off the Cleaning Company Merry-go-Round

Eliminate the constant frustration of cleaning company turnover.

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